Sterling Briggs, AKA Ohio, was born on the Westside of Akron, Ohio where nothing is given everything is earned. He grew up in a single parent household where making ends meet was no walk in the park. As a youth, he turned to the street life to try to make a way out of no way which led to selling drugs and other illegal activities. His mother had to ship him to live with his father in New Haven, CT due to the constant trouble he always was finding himself in. Moving to Connecticut ended up being a turning point in his life cause he was able to befriend Grammy-nominated producer Pierre Medor. The up and coming producer took a liking to Ohio, and they began to create music together to then become a great duo.

Ohio was also shot 5 times with an Ak-47, it’s amazing that he is still here with us to tell his story. Through handwork and perseverance, Ohio has made himself a force to be reckoned with in the music business. Longtime friend Jim-E-O saw something in this kid and believed he could be the next big thing. Through the tutelage both from Jim-E-O and Pierre Medor, Ohio has become a very seasoned artist with tons of upside. He will be a name that you hear a lot more often in the future this kid is the Real Deal.