My Executive Room connects rising stars to strategic brands, music industry executives, and influencers. Our company serves as a digital marketing boutique, distribution partner, and record label. We discover emerging artists and help propel their careers to the next level. 

our team

Production Manager - Didi Halliday

Didi is a Pittsburgh native-turned SoCal local. n anchoring the MER production management team, Didi brings that energy that shines through and spreads to every artist and project.

Creative Director - Brandon Boone

Hailing from Louisiana, Brandon is an all-around creative. His passion for music and digital marketing makes him a force to be reckoned with. No matter the project, Brandon is guaranteed to turn your vision into a reality.

Artist Relations - Levi Maxwell

Levi is a young music mogul. He was raised in Dallas, TX where he developed a love for music and the discovery of artist. 

Marketing & Promo - James Boone

James is a Louisiana born, Austin based music executive. James’s greatest strengths are his drive, creativity, and leadership. He flourishes with challenges, especially if it expands the companies reach.

A&R - Cameron Turney

Cameron, better known as “Cam The Tastemaker,” has quickly become one of the most sought out influencers across the country. It is with his exemplary work ethic and fierce motivation that Cameron continues to grow; breaking boundaries as a tastemaker and A&R.

Live Events - Juan Carlos De León

Juan or “5” as his counterparts know him as was born and raised in Austin, TX. He has worked in music in various capacities from performing to producing and curating live events. His different perspectives help him curate live experiences fans didn’t know they needed.

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